Move Forward After Your Divorce

Attorney Murphy can help you draft marriage settlement agreements in Burbank, CA

Filing for divorce can leave both parties with a lot of uncertainties. Marriage settlement agreements are designed to clearly lay out the terms of your divorce so that you don't have to worry as much. Turn to the Law Offices of Timothy M. Murphy in Burbank, CA for assistance with marital property mediation services. You can rely on attorney Murphy to help you and your former spouse create a fair agreement.

Once you have a marriage settlement agreement, you can move forward confidently. Call now to schedule marital property mediation services.

3 benefits of marriage settlement agreements

3 benefits of marriage settlement agreements

While marriage settlement agreements aren't necessary, they do come with a few advantages. Here are three benefits of creating a marriage settlement agreement:

  • It could shorten the divorce process
  • It can be adjusted in the future, if necessary
  • It increases the chances of having an amicable divorce

If you think a marriage settlement agreement could work for you and your former partner, reach out to attorney Murphy. He will take you step-by-step through the process.